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USGF History

The United Student Government Front (USGF) started in 2007 after a parent made the suggestion that there should a general organization that brings all student bodies on the island together. At that time, there were four known student councils of government-subsidized high schools on St. Maarten.
The first meeting was held at St. Dominic High School. Students of the host school contacted other schools and encouraged the first meeting of what today is known as the United Student Government Front. Through sharing of ideas and activities that worked, the participating students were able to return to their respective schools and enhance or build their own student councils.A unanimous decision was made to meet on a monthly basis to update each other.

Since 2007, the USGF has grown from strength to strength with each school contributing ideas and new platforms. The organization has moved from being a mere meeting and sharing ground, to one that offers leadership, financial and Parliamentary training, as well as opportunities to interact socially, for members and mentors of the participating schools.

In 2007-08 academic year, the participating members of the various schools designed a “Unity” flag, and walked the St. Peters school district to bring awareness of the organization. That same year, there were monthly USGF meetings, a board game competition, a Christmas party and the first Youth Toastmaster gavel club was formed on the island. Many of these activities, for the first time since the establishment of USGF were published in the island’s daily newspapers.In 2008-09, the Youth Toastmaster gavel club expanded with Beginners and Advanced sections.

Here, under USGF, these trainings aided the leadership and communication skills of the young scholars.
The 2009-10 school year saw further growth of USGF. That year, the organization formulated its Year plan with the approval of all principals and mentors of high schools. For the first time, a motto was devised to be used as part of all USGF correspondences. Since that time, the USGF makes clear that its aim is:

“To promote civic involvement, leadership, and academic excellence in a unified manner among students of secondary schools on St. Maarten since 2007.”

Like previous years, there was a board game competition with prizes sponsored by businesses and two social activities, all published by the media.

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