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Grade 1 & 2 “Learning is Fun”!

As we approach the end of the school year, it is nice to be able to take a step back to reflect on our accomplishments thus far.  This year in grade one and two, in addition to achieving some huge milestones, like learning to read, add, subtract and multiply, and for some the English language, we have also been on a variety of learning adventures lead by our inquisitive minds.

The grade one and two students have a huge thirst for knowledge!  We have learned a variety of academic terms, including estimation, prediction, as well as variety of measurement terms.  In Social Studies and Science, we have studied the globe, water and air, structures, cultures around the world, celebrations, jobs and the community just to name a few.  We have learned how to conduct interviews, graph results, follow, give directions, and build models. 

We are all now vivacious readers, who can’t get enough of both fiction and non-fiction books!  We love our reading centres, that let us engage in a topic, both through print, and electronic material.  We readily discuss our ideas, and enjoy our oral presentations.

Grade one and two love the arts!  We have put on puppet shows, entertained the audience during our rendition on “The Night Before Christmas”, and are filled with excitement when we are able to present our work through role-play. We have dabbled in painting, sketching, sculpture, and always look forward to our Friday afternoon Art period.

We are an active group, who have ventured out on a variety of excursions, including at trip to the Zoo after our Science unit on Animals. We also took a boat ride over to Pinel Island to snorkel, feed the iguanas, hike and collect hermit crabs.  As well as a day at Seaside Nature Reserve to learn about farm life and give horseback riding a try.  Physical Education class has taught us a variety of cooperative games, striking, kicking, throwing and fielding skills, yoga, swimming, and how to make healthy choices for our minds and bodies.

As we move into the last month of classes, we look forward to taking the stage one more time for the Kindergarten to Grade Two Assembly, where we will be sharing what we have learned about the Earth through dance and drama.  We hope to inspire your faith in us as we share our concern for the place we all call home.  May your final part of the 2016-2017 academic year bring you much joy and happiness! *see all of the pictures here*

Mrs. Worsley – Grade One/Two Teacher


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