Extra Curricular Activities (Activities 2023)

At Caribbean International Academy we believe that Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) are a vital part of our learning environment and we actively encourage all students to make the most of the opportunities provided.  Although staff at Caribbean International Academy will run most of the ECA programs, we do use outside educators for some specialist activities.

ECA selections will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.  Many of our activities are very popular and we would urge you to return the form to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible.  We aim to offer students their first choice of activities, but this may not always be possible.  Please ensure that you indicate the favourite activity as the student’s first choice.  If this activity is full we will then look at their 2nd choice in that time slot.  It is also possible for students to join ECAs later during the school year if spots are available.

Peer tutoring is also available for grade 7 to 12 students.  Students are matched with a senior academic student who has time available at the same time as the student in need of tutoring.  This typically takes place during high school lunch period.  If students need tutoring or if senior students would like to act as a tutor, they should visit Mr. Link in the Guidance office.

Now Hiring TEACHERS for Sr. Math-Physics-Visual Arts