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A CLOSER LOOK – Grade 5 with Mr. Gloor

We’re starting several new units this year. In math we’re just wrapping up back to back geometry units and are moving on to number sense and numeration. We’re starting with multiplying and dividing decimal numbers which is always a bit tricky, even for some adults! However, they’ve picked up some tools along the way to help them and we’re all feeling confident.

We’ve started a new unit in science about weather. In this unit students will demonstrate an understanding of the major climatic factors and patterns associated with weather as well as design, construct, and test a variety of instruments for recording various features of the weather. We’ll also be examining how weather forecasts influence decisions concerning human activity and how humans have adapted to a variety of weather conditions.

In social studies we’ll be starting a new unit called Faces of Government. In this unit students will explore the functions and interactions of different levels of government. While only one student in the class is Canadian, we will be using Canada as an example of one form of government while we incorporate other examples of government based on the citizenship of other students in the class. We will learn about what rights and responsibilities citizens have, immigration issues, electoral processes, and structures of governments.

We’ll also be starting 2 new units in Language Arts. One unit will look at conventional reading and writing skills as students get opportunities to read poetry and stories which will lead towards discussions of characters, places, and events. Students will also get a chance to learn and practice writing skills that well-known Canadian authors use. In the other unit students will have an opportunity to become familiar with various news sources and current issues. Children today live in a society in which they are constantly bombarded with information. This unit will give them a chance to think critically about how the media covers certain issues and events.

In Physical Education we’re beginning a unit on handball. This is a great sport for children of this age because it combines several skills that they may use throughout the rest of their lives. Among the direct skills which they’ll practice such as hand-eye coordination, passing, shooting, running, dribbling, and blocking, students will also practice their co-ordinative abilities and for some, get an introduction to the social environment of team sports. I’m focusing on experiences rather than results at this stage. That being said, we’re hoping to put a team together to challenge the grade 7-8’s at lunch. It will be quite a match!

We also had a great time on our recent field trip and beach day. We went kayaking at Kim Sha Beach with Trisports. We toured around the lagoon, practiced our kayaking skills, learned about the ecosystems that the mangroves support, and checked out some of the boats up close. These trips doubled as a send off to one of our students, Helen Schernikau, who flew back to Germany. Everybody in the class was sad to see her go but we all feel very fortunate to have had the experience of getting to know her throughout the first half of the year. Good luck Helen and thanks for all the memories!

Mr. Brett Gloor, Grade 5 Teacher

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